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Gets Your Readers Back On Your Site

Get more loyal readers from your traffic (and keep them coming back) with iZooto’s web push notification platform

Increase your reach and engage at the marketable moment

Convert your website visitors into subscribers, grow your audience like never before. Reach out to them whenever and where ever you want to, in real-time with powerful triggers. Engage them and create a loyal subscriber base.

Boost Your Revenues

Retarget your audience with web push notifications and increase your traffic and conversions. Grow your revenue by up to 17%.

Speed Up Conversions

Engage your users with personalized push notifications to drive conversions and improve ROI across acquisition channels.

Drive Lifetime Value

Retain your loyal buyers with targeted push notifications. Create repeat buyers and loyal customers.

Send the right message, at the right time

Remove the heavy burden of manual scheduling and put your user engagement on autopilot. Setup automated drips to convert dropped off users on your website or to win them back after a period of inactivity.