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Intent Leads You Can Action Immediately
It’s how B2B companies prioritize with daily leads already in the buyer’s journey

Contact Level Data
Find out which leads within your most relevant accounts are already in the buyer’s journey.

Lead Scoring
Spend your time wisely by prioritizing the hottest leads to optimize your sales process.

Verified Emails
Receive verified emails for the warm leads you receive so you know you’re reaching the right target.

Actionable Intent Data
Stop wasting time actioning the wrong leads
Identify the exact people showing intent to buy

Pick up on who’s talking to your competitors

Have context before each of your reach outs

Intent Signals Across Multiple Channels
Engage Prospects Across Multiple Channels
Prioritize and personalize your email nurture

Run targeted ads across popular ad channels

Laser-focused outbound prospecting

Integrated with your CRM or Marketing Automation Tool
Automate Your Workflow
Daily leads pushed directly to your sales and marketing tools

Get notified when leads from existing accounts show intent

Track LeadSift’s contribution to your pipeline