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The smartest way to manage your proposals

Centralize, Automate, Analyze and Win More!

Legal Publish is a flexible cloud-based platform that enables your firm to quickly and efficiently produce customized, branded proposals and marketing collateral.

Real-Time Collaboration

Invite colleagues to edit a proposal in real-time and then approve or decline any of their changes. Add real-time comments to a specific part of a proposal for your team to see and have those comments archived with a proposal version.

Actionable Analytics

Do you know your proposal win percentage each year? Do you know how many opportunities you’ve lost and never followed up on? With NextGen Proposals Get deeper insights into the value of your content and proposals and track the key metrics such as wins & losses and proposed vs. actual revenue.

Centralize Your Content

The Legal Publish Proposal Generator can become your centralized Content Library, enabling teams to store all their proposal content in one location. No more wasting time tracking down content from other offices or the right content from piles of documents on your desk or files on co-workers desktops.