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Holistic customer intelligence
made easy
Optimize marketing spend & improve customer experiences with people-based data strategies
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The future of marketing begins with identity
Leverage our dynamic identity graph to create a winning customer data strategy and build a competitive edge in today’s ever changing environments.

Identity Resolution
Onboard and resolve your customer’s digital identities to gain the ultimate competitive advantage.
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Data Enrichment
Gain holistic customer insights with new attributes that you can leverage for your data strategy.

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Audience Activation
Deliver your enriched customer data to any platform to execute acquisition, retention and decision making.
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Insights & Measurements
Make better decisions with deeper insights and understand your customer journey like never before
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Consumer behaviour is constantly changing,
you need a data strategy

The one constant is change, and data can help all brands and enterprises thrive in the new data economy.
We pride ourselves with being focused on delivering

We reveal our methodologies to our customers so they know exactly
how we do it

Our data engine is continuously scoring our data accuracy so you have options

We protect users’ privacy and adhere to global privacy regulations​

Who benefits from customer intelligence?
Value for the whole organization driven by customer experience goals

Run targeted advertising campaigns across social and programmatic

Gain audience insights so you can craft better campaign strategies

Measure omni-channel campaign performance

Deliver personalized experiences to customers

Identity anonymous customers to Improve engagement and conversions

Understand O2O customer journeys to trigger next best action

Build holistic customer profiles that helps the organization

Develop AI/ML predictive models using enriched customer profiles

Unify customer data across the organization with identity resolution

BI & Analytics
Calculate marketing ROI and optimize media spend allocation

Analyze customer behaviours to strategize expansion or optimization plans

Understand the impact of organization wide activities on revenues

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