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What is LRT Smart about?
You deserve the best data for your work.

LinkResearchTools Smart runs ongoing for all your websites

The complete LRT suite includes four modules Recover, Protect, Learn, Grow.

These modules cover the full SEO circle to

recover from a Google penalty
protect from technical SEO problems and negative SEO attacks
learn SEO tactics from your competitors in competitive research
grow your organic search traffic with link building and link grooming

The complete LRT suite contains all modules available.

You Get True Link Analysis

LRT Analyzes Links, not just Pages

A Hyperlink is a connection from a source page to a target page. With all that comes with it.

Link analysis quality beyond competition

LRT helps you to measure links right. LRT looks at both ends of a link, and the impact to each other.

Go and review other products. None of them actually interpret a link for what it is, but present you the source pages, and maybe the target pages, if you are lucky.

Use LRT do analyze links the right way.