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Focus on what matters.

Litera is the world’s leading provider of legal workflow and workspace technology. Hundreds of organizations around the globe trust Litera to help their legal teams draft, collaborate, and manage their work, so they can focus more time on what really matters to the people they serve.

Work smarter. Work faster.

Litera is transforming the way legal teams of all sizes perfect documents, run deals, and manage cases.

Improve realization rates.

Reduce write-offs and write-downs by leveraging technology.

Retain clients.

Improve client service and turnaround time.

Enhance end-user happiness.

Reduce time spent on manual, tedious, and repetitive tasks.

Today’s legal technology environment is complex.

As more services are sourced, firms invariably end up buying a wide range of products from multiple suppliers. This complexity costs you time and money.

Litera covers all your lawyers’ drafting needs.

A suite of market-leading products across the entire document drafting lifecycle.