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An ad platform with a brain
Designed for performance-based advertising
Learn why the smartest advertisers and publishers trust LockerDome’s ad platform.
Say hello to neo
LockerDome’s data scientists and engineers built Neo, an in-house AI, which uses machine learning to process billions of data points and make intelligent decisions at lightning speed. Neo does the heavy lifting so data analysts can focus on areas that need a human touch.
Fully managed to lighten your workload
Neo and our in-house data, engineering, account management, creative and editorial teams do the heavy lifting at no additional cost—you simply pay for the traffic.
Assess viability. Plan. Set up the gears.
Data Evaluation
Triangulate market research, historical data, and current inventory and demand-side conditions to assess viability
Establish credible cost-per-lead (CPL) / cost-per-acquisition (CPA) targets
Establish a credible pilot budget, ranging from $2,500 to $50,000
Creative Development
Attribution Tracking
Capture direct data. Learn what it will take to move the needle.
Identify signs of life
Controlled exposure
Add in rocket fuel. Scale to spend levels that are meaningful to all parties.
Remove spend caps
Build algorithmic momentum
Unlock full access to all inventory pockets
Continue exploring in the background
Continue massaging CPL/CPA targets
Identify additional offers to pilot
Buy ads using artificial intelligence
Learn why the smartest advertisers trust Neo to generate leads and drive product sales.
Serve ads using artificial intelligence
Learn why the smartest publishers trust Neo to maximize yield for their website, in-app and email traffic.