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Keep CPG, retail, wholesale, e-commerce, and catalog customers buying.

Proven statistical and machine learning science in an automated, actionable, service that combines better results for a fraction of the time and cost of any alternative.

Think it’s hard to personalize your marketing?

Automated cloud service
Product recommendations for every customer
Loyalty and risk scores for every customer
No data integration
No database or platform to maintain
No private or personal data
Uses available first party data only
No analytics skills required
Simple, step-by-step recipe
Actionable lists for direct marketing
Unified cross-channel recommendations
On-demand predictions for agile marketing
Minimal setup, fast results
Measurable revenue lift from each campaign
Proven over hundreds of campaigns
A fraction of the time and cost

Use us for personalized product recommendations on any channel, customer retention, loyalty programs, variable incentives and discounts, catalog list selection, promotions targeting, CRM scoring, and more. We make it hassle-free, and we can help you test and measure your success.