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About Madvertise
The Mobile ad tech pioneer madvertise has been active on the market since 2008 and has innovated mobile advertising solutions and products. As a premium publisher, madvertise specializes in innovative branding solutions with activating forms of advertising such as rich media, pre-rolls and exclusive special placements for mobile devices. Thanks to the in-house creative department, the focus is on creative mobile conception with extraordinary special formats. Performance-based solutions and programmatic deals complete the offer.

Stage your mobile brand identity with innovative rich media ads and interact with your target audience for an interactive experience. Thanks to the latest HTML5 technology your creativity knows no bounds. You don`t have a concept for the mobile advertising of your brand? Use our in-house creative service for the conception and implementation of mobile campaigns. We offer a variety of innovative special formats and integration concepts as well as tailor-made targeting solutions.

Performance Advertising

madvertise Performance enables you to build the user base of your mobile apps efficiently and places it at the top of the Appstore rankings. Build the number of active users at each stage of the app lifecycle, maximizing your revenue. Different billing models such as CPI, CPM, CPC and, most recently, CPV – Cost per View guarantee the cost-optimized use of your advertising budget.

Programmatic Advertising

Buy cost-optimized and automated high-quality mobile inventory in real time via our programmatic interfaces. We guarantee brand safety as well as exclusive marketing. Extensive targeting options, many different channels and a large number of integrated partners complete the automated offer.