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How much easier would it be if someone else took care of your email marketing?

If someone else designed your email campaigns,
how much time would you save?

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because you simply want the best for your brand

because you need expert knowledge of emails, the platforms, and the industry
Trust in mailingmanager’s 20 years of experience and expertise. We can build, send, and analyse your email marketing campaign on any platform.

because it takes time to build and test your email marketing campaign
No campaign goes out without the links fully tested. And, no campaign goes out without being viewed on a range of email service providers and mobile devices. This assures that your campaign can achieve the best possible results.

because you have access to experienced email marketing designers
Make use of graphic designers that are experienced at working within the unique parameters of email. mailingmanager will provide you with a template that can be viewed on all devices as professionally representing your brand.

because you’ll have your campaign results analysed and explained
Instead of poring over the statistics of your last campaign, mailingmanager will analyse the campaign for you. Upon reporting back, we can use these figures to help make decisions on any future campaigns you wish to do.

because you have other important things to do
If you want your email marketing campaigns to be effective and help you grow your business, then it takes a significant time investment. It takes time to design and build a template; it takes time to create the content and test the links; and it takes time to send and analyse the campaign. What could you achieve if that time was spent elsewhere in your business?