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Single Campaign for All Cross Devices
Powerful Retargeting

Retargeting understand user’s behavior across all devices, browsers and apps. It deliver ads based on user’s interests which has high chances of turning user engagement into a sale, helping advertisers achieve their goal.

Mobile & Web Monetization

MaxxRTB Publishers Platform will helps you monetize Mobile Apps, Websites and Contents on all screens and all browsers using MaxxRTB’s powerful mobile creatives, web creatives and viewability.

Video Advertising

MaxxRTB supports VAST compliance ad formats and all in-stream video ad formats which include both linear and non linear video ads. Linear video ads comprise pre roll, mid roll & post roll, Non linear video ads comprise overlay video ads.

Mobile App Advertising

MaxxRTB supports all types of Mobile Ad Formats and deliver on both mobile Web pages and Applications in iOS & Android & Windows.

Audience Targeting

MaxxRTB Advertisers Platform has most powerful targeting features which will help you find customer who wants to buy your product and services right now in all screens and all browers.

Cross Campaign Advertising

Cross Campaign is MaxxRTB’s most powerful feature, with single campaign you can do mobile, video, display advertisement across all devices.