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Mi9 Retail Launches ThryveAI

The Next Generation of Digital Commerce for Grocers

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Our end-to-end suite of retail enterprise solutions empowers retailers with optimized inventory management and customer engagement tools to deliver higher customer loyalty, better margins, and a more engaged workforce.


Mi9 enables the world’s leading retailers to automate and optimize their entire Plan-to-Sell® process, from planning to managing to selling merchandise in-store, online, and on any device. Our corporate retail systems facilitate better demand forecasting, planning, and merchandise management; our point-of-purchase systems increase revenue and customer engagement; and our analytics tools speed time to insight.

Mi9 cloud-based solutions incorporate the latest innovations in AI and machine learning to boost system intelligence, automate manual routines, and deliver exception-based workflows. Mi9 Retail is committed to helping retailers on their paths to success, so they can maximize revenue, increase margins, and reduce costs.