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Meet mmhmm, your personal video presence

Whether you’re leading virtual business meetings, teaching, or just trying to host a better happy hour, the mmhmm app adds a little magic to the new online reality we now find ourselves in.

Let yourself shine
Place yourself in virtual rooms with immersive slides
Make yourself big, small, transparent, or even invisible

Elevate your content
Educate and entertain using videos, screenshare, and more
Pre-record a show and let viewers interact with it

Collaborate naturally
Team up with a remote partner to present together
Focus on your delivery while your copilot runs the slides
Born of necessity, built for fun

In 2020, many of our social and business interactions moved to video chat. To be honest, we didn’t love it. Suddenly we were all just bland heads-in-boxes, and it was harder to present, collaborate, and entertain. We built mmhmm to add a little joy to our virtual presentations.