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Transform your site into a personalized visitor experience
Target any segment of your audience with relevant content
Connect, Automate, Orchestrate and Execute anything. Flows makes it easy to create event and data-driven customer journeys, using your existing marketing tools and reusing your existing content.

Define your target audience and goal, add targeted content variations or dynamic content on any number of site pages and see how your experience performs against control.

Profile your site visitors in real time based on any behavior or profile property. Use audience segments to define your customer journey stages and design your content and call to actions to adapt to the individual visitor’s profile. Get detailed insight into the visitor flow between audience segments and identify weak spots in your customer journey.

Dynamic Content
Render highly personalized messages using any visitor profile property and build content elements that render into thousands of variations – reflecting your visitors interests and behavior.

Open API
Extend the deep omnichannel profile that fuels the personalization engine in Monoloop with any information from your backend systems. Or use profile information from Monoloop in your backend systems or marketing services like email, CRM or advertising platforms.