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We empower creative minds to build and express authentic brands through design, technology and expertise.
The world’s largest type library.

Monotype offers a wide variety of battle-tested designs that span across both geographies and use cases. Our type experts work with you to guide you through matching, pairing, and making recommendations.

Future ready.

Can your brand’s digital strategy meet the moment?

More and more businesses are accelerating their digital strategy—abruptly, in some cases.

Experiment endlessly.

With Mosaic, you can free your creative teams to discover, share and prototype limitlessly with fonts – while making it easier to license, deploy, and manage usage of all your fonts across enterprise

Licensing peace of mind.

Simplifying the way you access, license and deploy fonts allows your brand to be agile and adaptable, to roll out new designs quickly, and to grow with your customers. We live and breathe fonts, so we can help you develop a font strategy that works for your brand.

Bespoke to your brand.

Whether you’re looking to rebrand, refresh or expand into a new geography or just establish a stunning new visual identity, Monotype expert designers can help you create a typeface unique to your brand voice and requirements.

The artistry behind typeface design.

The Monotype Studio offers a suite of services that help the world’s leading brands design, define and express their voice through type.