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Welcome to the World of Collaborative Marketing & Analytics

We transform Monetization for Marketplaces and revolutionize Hyperlocal Co-Op Marketing for Multi-Outlet Brands

Cutting-edge Automation meets Delightful Experience

Meet world’s most automated, comprehensive and sophisticated Collaborative Marketing Platform. There is no infrastructure to buy, set up, or manage – just get started with our platform that is powerful enough to customize as per your needs.

State of the art

Transform elementary / manual collaborative marketing solutions with the most sophisticated, evolved and smart platform in action

Unparalleled Scale

With ML-driven automation on the backend – enable 1000s of your Merchants and Sales Channel Partners with the most delightful digital transformation journey

Bespoke & White-labeled

Entire stack is customized, localized and integrated natively within your existing partner environment. It’s as-if you’d have built it in-house but with 100x the speed!

Smart & Intuitive

Designed to offer 10x ‘humanized’ experience for you and 1000s of your Merchants and Sales Channel Partners with an easy-to-use, multi-device platform

Amazing Suite of Apps

Choose one or a combination of Apps to delight 1000s of your Merchants and Sales Channel Partners. Easily deploy more Apps with very little incremental efforts or costs

Hassle-free Plug-n-Play

Our Cloud-based Platform will give you the most hassle-free, secured and scalable experience towards deploying your Collaborative Marketing Strategy