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Connect your CRM and marketing tools, deeply and easily
Outfunnel’s App connector keeps sales and marketing contact lists in sync 24/7, automatically shares marketing engagement data with sales and helps drive more revenue.

Key sales-marketing connections that you can set up with minutes
keep sales and marketing contacts in sync
Keep sales and marketing contacts in sync
Connect your CRM and marketing automation tool to keep your contact lists in sync 24/7. Never waste time on exporting and importing lists again.
Set up your campaigns once and they will run automatically based on data changes in the CRM.

Marketing connections
share marketing data with sales
Automatically share marketing data with sales
All marketing engagement (email opens, clicks, unsubscribes, etc.) data gets recorded in your CRM. Record web visits as an additional lead signal.
Sales can easily identify hottest leads and sell smarter. No more guesswork.

Marketing connections
sync form submssions to crm
Sync form submissions to CRM automatically
Set up a connection between your CRM and web forms, and all form submissions will be synced to the CRM automatically.
Key data such as web visit and source/medium info gets recorded automatically, so sales have full context of leads.

Form connections
use crm contacts for ads
Use CRM contact lists as custom ad audiences (Coming soon)
Connect your CRM and advertising tools of choice to create custom ad audiences and sync new leads to your CRM automatically.
Create highly targeted ads and see your advertising ROI increase.

Connect data from all your marketing apps.
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