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Employer branding – how important is your employer brand?

Attract the best talent with these brand-building techniques and strategies

Everything’s aligned – your brand story, logo, designs, your products/services and your messaging. They’ve been perfected, honed over a number of years of trial and error.

But building a brand doesn’t stop there. Employer branding is the element of a brand that is crucial in both attracting and retaining the talent that will help to drive the future of the organisation.

While a company may consider its staff as its greatest asset, so many organisations still don’t employ effective processes when it comes to hiring staff. And retaining staff once on board, is often something that falls by the wayside. Even companies who do recognise the importance of retention, sometimes struggle to dedicate the time to implement change.

Why employer branding is important…
In an increasingly competitive market, hiring and retaining talent is tough, but attracting the right people to your positions can be pretty much impossible without a powerful employer brand.

Messaging, creative and distribution of campaigns need to be targeted and carefully considered. That’s only made possible with employer brand initiatives, driven by the employer branding teams.

What is good employer branding?
Centralisation and consistency of employer brand campaigns are challenging.

According to PR Week PR and branding professionals say those organisations who are the most successful when it comes to employer brand building, are those who are authentic, and who give a genuine look inside a compan