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Track, analyze, and convert your visitors into buyers
Conversion Rate Optimization Tools in one CRO platform

Simple installation

The one-time installation that only takes 30 seconds

Cost efficiency

Many free functions for marketing beginners

Data security

The data transfer is protected with SSL technology


Click reports are created instantly for conversion rate optimization


The installed script doesn’t overload your website

Website improvement

Build hypotheses to analyze and optimize your conversion rate

Additional metrics

Assess usability based on heatmap data and analyze the effectiveness of smart pop-up forms using the CTR


Easily integrate Plerdy with other online services


Enjoy seamless work in all popular browsers and with all popular screen resolutions


Our specialists are certified Google Analytics and Google AdWords experts who have been working in online marketing for many years. Based on our previous experience we understood that people needed tools that would help them to quickly improve a website and increase conversion rates.

So on June 5, 2017, we jointly started the story of the creation and development of Plerdy. In addition, we share our experience during seminars and webinars. in total, we took part in over 15 different events as participants, speakers, or organizers: But it’s just the beginning as we constantly communicate with our customers and partners to get interesting observations and recommendations for the further development of our service. Today, the Plerdy team exactly knows what is necessary to increase conversion rates on websites and online stores.