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The Problem: Sending personalized, transactional, or event driven email from your web app can be a hassle.The Solution: PostageApp helps design, send, and analyze emails within minutes.

For web apps that…
Have their own SMTP server or require a bulk MTA service.
Don’t want to re-deploy for every email template change.
Want to personalize and track transactional emails.
Need to improve reporting, control, & reliability of emails.

PostageApp offers…
Delivery, getting your emails into inboxes.

Templates, design emails with HTML and CSS.

Variables, personalize and customize content.

Analytics, get the full story behind your emails.

PostageApp is an Email Service Provider (ESP) with a no-hassle approach. We aim to get you set up within minutes for our simple email service, while not compromising on the cutting edge of deliverability best practices, such as DKIM, SPF, rigid RFC compliance and full participation in ISP Feedback Loops.

We offer startup-friendly shared plans for getting your MVP off the ground, with progressive increases through to our Dedicated IP plans allowing your app to grow and you to take ownership of your reputation ensuring maximum throughput.

Our developer-focused support and tools get you started without a hitch, our in-house deliverability experts actively monitor and work with you to hit inboxes and our reporting, tracking and analytics provide insight into your campaign’s success.