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Native Advertising made easy

Powerspace makes it easy for publishers to manage native ad placements and generate additional source of revenus for their web, email and app properties.

In-feed advertising web, email, app

In an era of increasing commercial pressure towards consumers, traditional advertising is becoming every day less efficient. As a result, brands are finding new ways to engage with their consumers, using different ad formats and content strategies. Native advertising has emerged in that context as a more efficient form of advertising, allowing digital marketers to better engage with their audiences, and creating new source of revenue for publishers.

Native technology for web and email

Designed for cross-device usage, Powerspace programmatic technology empowers online publishers to monetize their in-feed advertising placements and generate automated revenues stream on their web, email and app properties.

Premium in-feed formats

Powerspace privilégie les formats premiums, sur des emplacements exclusivement in-feed.

Self-service platform Real-time platform

Powerspace provides publishers a real time management and reporting platform, allowing them to follow in total transparency the evolution of all the necessary KPIs and ad revenues for each placement.

Direct access to exclusive native demand

With Powerspace SSP technology, publishers get direct access to various source of advertising demand, allowing them to monetize their full inventory and creating an automated revenue stream.

Maximize the value of each impression

With Powerspace Exchange, our SSP technology let various programmatic buyer access all impressions, with a CPM floor optimisez in real time. Whatever the buying model, CPC or CPM, our powerful predictive algorithms are designed to maximize both publisher’s CPM and fill rate.