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Prediggo specializes in Artificial Intelligence for eBusiness.

We help customers maximize their sales by collecting and processing relevant data in order to adapt digital content in real time.

Optimizing the user experience, selling better, selling more, that’s our field of expertise!

Prediggo, expertise and solutions:
Intelligent Search

Attention and time are rare and precious assets for all eMerchants. Let your customers find the products they want in a flash, and boost your sales.

Smart Navigation

A simple and effective way to personalize your page display. From defining automated business rules to total control of the display, anything is possible with our software.

Advanced Personalization

Better targeting means better sales. Our Artificial Intelligence engine helps you create profiles and offer customers more relevant products in all your sales channels.

Marketing Automation

Helping you stay in touch with your customers and nurturing leads is also our speciality. From advanced personalization to trigger emailing, Prediggo supports you and helps you optimize your actions.

PIM Optimizer

In a digital system, data is the fuel that determines the effectiveness of results. Improve your data quality in a flexible, simple and efficient way with our innovative management technology.

Central Manager

Setting up differentiated offer strategies can be extremely resource-intensive. With our catalogue centralization system, you can manage, vary and deploy your assortment in a few clicks.