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Make your website editable for the whole team

Choose your technology. Use the API to fetch content. Empower your content team.

Prismic is a Content Management System, a tool for editing online content

Also known as a headless CMS, an API CMS, a content platform, a disruptive content-as-a-service digital experience…basically we’ve built a tool that lets you choose your technology, framework, and language and then easily manage your content.

How Prismic works

A tool built to allow your content, design, and development teams to produce a finished product that they can all be proud of.

1. Type Modeling

Model your editor

Model custom types to match your desired design. Create reusable fields and custom components (we call them Slices…you’ll hear us talk about them a lot) to enable dynamic layouts and build the editor experience that you want.

2. Fill content

Hand over to your content team to start creating content

Once you’ve managed the initial setup, you can hand the management over to your content team so that editors can start filling content while you’re choosing the framework. With Prismic, creating beautiful content becomes simple enough that even non-technical employees can handle it.

3. Build

Choose a framework and setup Prismic

You’re free to use whichever framework you prefer. Gatsby, React, Next, Vue…you can use whatever you think is best for your project, your skills, and your needs.


Query content and place it in your components

Prismic uses a standard RESTful API as well as GraphQL to query and retrieve your content as a JSON response. Every Prismic repository provides an API browser that allows you to test your queries and see the results

5. Deploy

Deploy on Vercel, Netlify, Heroku or your favorite hosting platform

We take care of hosting and scaling the publishing tools. All you have to do is host the website, but you can choose whichever hosting platform you prefer.