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The operating system for profitable publishing.

Digital publishers are losing the battle for revenue. More than ever before, publishers have less visibility into their data and less control over their audiences than their partners. To win, you have to control your own destiny.

That’s where we come in.


Real-time revenue analytics. The world’s only real-time revenue analytics tool that helps you protect your content’s value in a cut-throat ad market.

We would like to share the most important insights from our tests.

Pub Ocean is founded by a team of people who built, a top-200 Alexa site, from scratch. Today, Scribol is one of the largest and most profitable publishers in the world. That’s good news for everyone. Because Scribol Publishing is a test bed for the entire industry, Pub Ocean shares all of its learnings, including these recent highlights.

We’re here to make digital publishing more profitable.

For twenty years, digital publishers have been forced to cede control of the industry to companies with different goals. Now, digital publishing is at an inflection point: will it fight for its independence (and fair share of revenue) or become a supplier for the platform giants?

Publishers understand that they have to control their own destiny. That’s easier said than done when their data, tools and processes are all outclassed by the rest of the digital media world. We want to fix that.

Pub Ocean was built from the ground-up to help make digital publishers more profitable by making them more independent. We do this with custom platforms and a cutting-edge team.