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We Power
Customer Acquisition.
Our platform optimizes every aspect of customer acquisition, so marketers can scale lead campaigns efficiently and publishers can better monetize their audiences.

What is PX?
PX is a platform for all of your Customer Acquisition needs, that brings buyers and sellers together in programmatic marketplaces. The platform optimizes performance, generates deep insights, and gives you greater control over your marketing programs through effective lead, call and appointment campaigns.

Products for Marketers and Publishers
Automate, optimize and grow your customer acquisition programs.

Open Exchange (OX)
A lead and call marketplace with 500+ pre-integrated and pre-vetted sources of direct publishers with millions of consumer inquiries per month, organized by vertical and channel. A huge pool of buyers with scalable demand for leads and calls, and a one-stop-shop for Insurance, Home Services and Financial Services.

Private Marketplaces (PMP)
When direct relationships are important, a private marketplace gives you the performance management tools to succeed while keeping your direct buyer-seller relationships intact. Bring your current sources to PX and use our technology to optimize and scale with features including real-time dynamic pricing, pre-integrated lead verification, sales-data performance measures, and much more.

Buy leads more effectively, from your own direct sources or through the PX Open Exchange.

Access calls generated via click-to-call or warm transfer tailored to your business needs.

Get appointments set with verified consumers looking for an in-home or virtual quote on your products or services.