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Save Your Time

Let’s be honest, your time and effort should be focused on creating and sharing amazing content with the world. No one likes to spend time trapped in post-production, taking you away from your creative wish list.

Save time with:

Your own video library search engine! (New Feature!)
Clipping your videos into content you can immediately repurpose (New Feature!)
Automatic transcriptions
Auto-generated SRT files
Branded, stylized captions
Manage Large Video Libraries

To maximize your marketing efficiency, it is important to quickly find, clip, and repurpose historical moments in your video library to get more relevant content out to your audiences. While we all know this to be true, that process typically takes hours and really isn’t much faster than creating new content in the first place. Not anymore.

With Quicc, you can now find any moment with our most powerful tool in a simple search.

Reduce a content repurposing project from hours down to minutes and seconds
Instantaneously search for any word or moment in a massive video library with countless hours of content
Quicc Search subscribers have their transcription and branded captioning services included with NO extra charge!