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Predictive Email Marketing for Ecommerce

Automated Emails
Generate 24x more revenue with automated emails.

Built for ECommerce
Pull store products into your emails instantly.

World Class Support
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Helping Ecommerce Merchants Grow
RareLogic, a division of Coherent Path, helps merchants maximize their revenue and build stronger relationships with customers. Scroll down to see how our apps can help you automate your marketing and generate sales while you sleep.

Send smarter emails. Make more sales.
Don’t just bet on bulk campaigns to drive sales. Rare’s automated sends for Welcome Emails, Abandoned Carts, Order Follow-ups & more automatically use industry best practices to make you more sales. Easily add Rare to your eCommerce store in Shopify or BigCommerce and get started immediately with sending emails that will boost your sales.

Make your emails smart – and beautiful! Rare’s easy-to-use, drag-and-drop Email Builder makes it simple to create personalized email campaigns that convert. Automatically add products that each customer is most likely to buy, based on their activity and past purchases. No more guessing!

Automated Email Verification
Clean your email lists to protect your brand’s sender reputation, increase email deliverability and obtain higher opens, clicks and conversions.

Sending campaigns to low quality or bounced emails lowers your brand’s sender reputation causing more of your marketing emails to be delivered into spam. Fewer emails going to the inbox means less sales.

Emailable Automated Email Verification keeps your customer lists continuously clean and ensures you only send emails to real people;
so more of your marketing emails go to the inbox.

Reduce bounces, complaints, and unsubscribes
Protect against low-quality emails, bots, and spam traps
Catch and correct typos, spelling and syntax errors

Your Autopilot Marketing System
Use ShopHero to automatically create beautiful, conversion-optimized email campaigns and push notifications – that make YOU extra sales. Put your marketing on autopilot! No skills required – pick your marketing style, upload your logo, pick your theme, and ShopHero does the rest.

ShopHero provides ready-to-send templates in 12 essential campaigns to supercharge your Shopify ecommerce store. Pick from conversion-optimized templates – or create your own – and increase your sales.

Your Autopilot Marketing System
Customer Segment Builder lets you drill down into your shop data and create advanced and highly targeted segments. Build precise segments of customers based on demographics, behavior, product purchases, location, etc. Then import these lists into other marketing tools for email marketing, Facebook Ads, Adroll and Google AdWords.

Marketers already know if you want to drive more traffic and increase email marketing engagement, you need to segment your email list. Most marketers and ecommerce stores don’t segment their customer lists. The ones who do see more sales and revenue. Get started with Customer Segment Builder for FREE today!