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The Single Source of Truth for DTC Brands

The moment you go beyond advertising exclusively on Facebook and Google things get complicated. Rockerbox solves this problem for you.

With Rockerbox, you get a holistic view of your marketing in one location. Rockerbox centralizes all of your marketing spend and campaigns (paid, organic, digital and offline). Rockerbox is fully transparent and customizable across the board so you can trust the data. Best of all, get fully setup in under 2 weeks.

Empower your Marketers, Data Scientists and Data Engineers
Fully Exportable Marketing Data

Why re-build the wheel? Rockerbox provides log-level reporting of all the marketing data (sessions, conversions, spend, browsing paths) for your engineers to build upon.

Unified Incrementality & Lift

Are you running per-channel incrementality / hold-out tests? Rockerbox ingests results of these tests and models it atop your data.

Interactive modeling

Rockerbox enables you to see all the underlying details behind all of our models. Take your destiny into your own hands and customize the models to match your business needs.