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Rokt makes e-commerce smarter, faster, and better.

When customers are buying online, they expect more personalized and relevant experiences. We unlock the hidden potential in every single Transaction Moment™.


Drive the next best action

Improve and personalize your customer’s Transaction Moment in real time with a fully native, controllable experience.
Intelligently manage tradeoffs between short-term conversion and revenue and long-term customer loyalty and value.
Optimize your individual customer’s experience to drive the next best action in the Transaction Moment.

Connect with customers

Reach a new, happy, and engaged audience, finding potential customers you didn’t know existed.
Achieve higher conversion rates and return on investment with Rokt Insight, Incrementality, and experimentation.
Start a relevant conversation and continue it with personalized outreach.

Create lasting connections

Create a personalized content experience through calendar notifications that keeps your customers excited and ready to act.
Strategically orchestrate 1:1 calendar communications alongside your existing messaging channels.
Drive higher audience engagement at key moments in time.