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Email is forever.
Sailthru helps you
do it best.
Connect across all channels.

Sailthru helps you engage your customers with personalized experiences across Email, Mobile, and Web. You’re in good hands with the largest sender of personalized email in the world.

Making every message a little more personal.

Data is power, and our customer profiles are the most robust in the industry. Capture key insights on consumers such as interests, email and omnichannel behavior, purchase tendencies and more. Then easily personalize messaging for every single customer — no matter the channel.

A commitment to partnership

Our commitment to partnership goes beyond platform navigation and troubleshooting. We’re not only here for the little things, we make it our business to help you develop long term marketing strategies that grow with you.

Hands-on training opportunities

We offer frequent and comprehensive training so you can learn how to make the most of Sailthru, as well as participate in customized strategy sessions designed to keep you sharp.

Must love marketing

We keep you up to date on marketing trends, best practices, industry shifts, and beyond. We bring together experts from retail and media to compile proven strategies and tactics you can put into action with Sailthru.