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Already using Google Analytics? Perfect. We integrate directly.

We help Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, and Marketers understand their SEO and site analytics.

Powerful yet Simple

Don’t let confusing charts and mysterious numbers get in the way of understanding vital site traffic data

About Us

Hello, and welcome to  My name is Ben  and I’m the founder of SeoHighLighter.


I sincerely appreciate you visiting our site and seeing firsthand how you can leverage the power of Google Analytics. There is so much amazing data in GA, but sometimes it’s a bit hard to find, especially if you have multiple websites.

I run a growing blog about SaaS metrics and needed an easy way to check (and understand) my website traffic and to determine how I could refine my marketing and social media efforts to drive more traffic and engagement.  This product was a created as a result.

We continue to add new features and improvements and would love to hear your feedback on SeoHighLighter.