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Omnichannel Retailing Platform.
Seamlessly integrating the physical store with digital experiences.

Sell everywhere, fulfill anywhere.
Offer a unified retail experience across
your physical and online stores.
Have your sales team move frictionless
between channels.
Fulfill customer orders with speed,
efficiency and agility.

Create a seamless
shopping experience.
Knowledgable sales staff.
Easy access to full product inventory.
Personalized suggestions and lookbooks.
Fast and efficient check-out.
Get in touch.

Empower your
store with shopi solutions.

Endless Aisle
Display your entire product catalog in-store regardless of your physical stock. Show more, sell more..

Personalize shopping for every customer, provide a superior experience.

Bust lines with fast check out. Have your customers pay anywhere in store.

Store Fulfillment
Optimize all inventories, fulfill customer orders from anywhere.

Have products retrieved to your customers in the store without sales associate leaving their side.

Always be in touch with your sales team. Enrich HQ to store communication with tasks, trainings and other content.

Let your customers self-browse your entire catalog and check out without hassle.

Let’s build your story together.
We have partnered with great companies all
over the world.

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square meter efficiency? 🧐
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