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How to get started

Using Slingshot is super simple. Just follow the three steps below and you’ll be crushing your launch in no time.

Pick your template

We’ve loaded the app with a collection of launch templates that work really well. First thing you have to do? Pick one.

Choose your launch date

Next up, pick your launch date. We give you a calendar with a few suggested dates, you pick one and then we build your customized plan around hitting that date.

Follow the plan

Time to get to work! We lay out a week-by-week game plan to follow to execute your launch. Your job is to follow the plan.

Choose from a Collection of Proven Launch Templates

Slingshot currently has two templates, the Online Course Launch Template and the Product Validation template. We are adding new templates every 2-3 weeks. Here is a look at the new templates we’re already working on…

The No Audience Launch Template
The Non-Fiction Book Launch Template
The Coaching Program Launch Template
The Software Launch Template
And more!

The best part about each template we add is that it is based on a successful real-world launch. Not theory or people’s random ideas, but real-world product launches that crushed it.