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Loyalty Cards and Customer Loyalty Systems

The Eco-Modules of SmartLoyalty AG are offering innovative solutions such as

Loyalty Card Systems
Value Card Systems and
Gift Card Systems

to wide range of branches from retail to the service sector.

With our cost-effective customer-card-systems to bind customers, combined with innovative marketing concepts, SmartLoyalty AG offers the instruments to enhance customer loyalty.

Our systems stand for a flexible customer loyalty and value card solution, which is modular developed and can be extended at any time.


SmartLoyalty – The Perfect Partner


Teamwork: we provide technology… you provide the marketing for your customers!

You know your customers better than we do. That´s why we focus on the technology while you support the system by your marketing know how. We like to give you some inspirations and examples – if you want!

Modular construction kit: „All Inclusive“ is not always suitable!

Every company is unique. You alone decide which module from the EcoSystem construction kit is suitable to your needs. You can choose from “full service” to complete independent inhouse administration.

No need to re-invent the wheel: better learn from our experience!

We want to prevent you from financial disasters that we experienced by ourselves many years before. So we use our knowledge from the proceedings of more than 120 successful systems in over 30 branches of industry.

Focus on the essence: more sales — more profit

A customer card is also “just” one marketing instrument that has to pay off. The EcoSystems focus on customer loyalty and on gaining new customers. We omitted all that´s not useful.