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Make Every Address the Right Address
AAccuMail frameworks Address Correction and Mailing Softwareddress Integrity is vital to your business. The value of your database and the strength of your mailing lists depend on your customer contact information being accurate.

This data, however, deteriorates over time for many reasons, including keystroke errors, customers moving, or ZIP™ codes being added or changed.

Fully CASS Certified by the USPS®, AccuMail frameworks is the evolution of our popular AccuMail Gold product, providing a wide array of valuable features designed to save you and time and money:

Validates, corrects and standardizes addresses at point of entry and in batch mode
Cuts waste with advanced duplicate detection technology
Is easily integrated into virtually any application housing customer data
Is fully scalable to the size of your organization, including multiuser environments
Offers optional integrated real-time change-of-address processing
Lets you enjoy the benefits of greater efficiency, lower costs and increased ROI
Is available in a Mailers Edition, with PAVE Certified postal presorting to maximize postal discounts
If you appreciate the power of accurate data, you’ll appreciate the power of AccuMail.

Download the AccuMail Frameworks Brochure (2.8 MB)


Investing In Address Quality
Significant resources are spent acquiring, retaining and servicing your customers, and the quality of your data plays a critical role in how well these functions are performed.

According to the USPS®, every year there are over 47 million change-of-addresses filed by individuals, families, and businesses, as well as the creation of almost 2 million new addresses. Add in the keystroke errors and omissions in new addresses collected on a daily basis, and it’s easy to see how your address data deteriorates quickly over time.Cost of Bad Data

Organizations with poor controls over address quality often face critical issues that affect their bottom line, both directly (increased costs) and indirectly (the impact on service and reputation).

Best practices for managing your customer data should involve an address quality program, for both existing data and at the point of entry for new data.

AccuMail frameworks provides you with all the tools you need to ensure the address quality of your database.

What Is Address Quality?
AccuMail frameworks Address Correction and Mailing Software
Address data may be said to exhibit Total Address Quality when it meets three conditions – it is Complete, Correct and Current.

AccuMail CertifiedComplete addresses contain all elements for your mail to be delivered, from street numbers to the ZIP + 4® code.

AccuMail CertifiedCorrect addresses not only contain all the right address elements but are also actual validated deliverable addresses.

Current addresses take into account whether the addressee is still at the same address that their mailpiece is addressed to.

Certified for accuracy by the USPS, AccuMail frameworks give you the confidence that your data meets the highest address quality standards.

AccuMail frameworks address correction

The 4 Steps To Total Address Quality
AccuMail frameworks not only cleans the address data in your system to meet the very latest Postal Service standards, it automatically takes you through the four steps to achieving Total Address Quality.

4 Steps to Address Quality

Correct, parse and standardize your address data by comparing it to the very latest USPS data, adding ZIP+4 info and highlighting possible costly duplicates.

With built-in DPV® and LACSLink® you can be sure each address is a deliverable location, conforming to the latest USPS addressing standards. Plus, integrated SuiteLink adds missing suite numbers for business addresses.

The optional AccuMail Move module utilizes the latest NCOALink® data from the Postal Service to update the addresses of any movers in your database.

AccuMail frameworks Move Update Free TrialWith every new purchase of AccuMail frameworks we are now offering 30 days free Move Update processing with AccuMail Move. Please mention this offer when ordering.

EnhanceAccuMail frameworks address correction brochure
AccuMail brings added value to your database by providing additional data such as Carrier Route information, Line of Travel, Congressional Districts, County Codes and more. Enhance your data further by distinguishing between residential/business addresses with our optional RDI module or appending additional geographic information (eg lat/long coordinates) with our AccuMail GeoCode module

So put AccuMail frameworks to work for you today and maximize the value of your customer address data.