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The fastest and easiest way to create a
successful advocacy program
Connect, distribute and grow – it’s as easy as that.


The one-click solution to your social media problem
We all have more work than we can get done in a day. At SHP our “never login” philosophy means there’s no software for your team to learn and no need for ongoing training.

Skip the pain of implementation and get right to the results.

Boost brand visibility, drive engagement, and increase traffic.

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Build one-to-one relationships, shorten sales cycles.

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Employer Branding
Find better candidates faster and for less money.

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Channel Partners
Help your channel partners promote your products on social.

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How it works

Easy for employees, powerful for marketers
We help your company thrive by connecting, communicating and engaging with your prospects and customers through a voice they know and trust – your employees.

Break down the wall between sales and marketing. Then use our best-in-class analytical tools to help you measure the impact on your entire business.

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All the content that makes your company amazing – all in one place

Distribute at scale with our social media campaign manager

Take the work out of social and watch your team thrive