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Instantly discover what your audience reads, watches, listens-to, and follows.

Forget expensive surveys or time-consuming research. SparkToro identifies your customers’ biggest sources of influence, and the hidden gems⁠—so you can reach them where they hang out.

Audience Intelligence atYour Fingertips

Get previously impossible-to-get data about any online audience’sattributes, behavior, & sources of influence.

Who Is This For?
Content Marketers
How to use the data
Your content has to reach the right hands before it can earn the amplification, links, and traffic it deserves. SparkToro helps you identify exactly which publications and people are those *RIGHT HANDS* for whatever audience you need to reach, so you can prioritize your outreach, pitch, and placement efforts for every campaign.

Social Media Marketers
How to use the data
Earning attention and engagement on social channels is vastly more difficult than ever before, but if you have the right targets, the right message, and the right amplifiers, there’s still extraordinary potential. SparkToro helps you execute on that potential by uncovering which accounts reach your target audience, and showing you where and how. Our data + your campaigns = maximizing reach, engagement, and provable ROI.

How to use the data
The links and coverage that matters most are the ones that earn you visibility and boosted rankings. SparkToro can help you find exactly those sources that reach the link-likely, amplification-primed groups you need to grow visibility, rankings, and traffic.

PR Folks
How to use the data
Your clients and teams say they want coverage in certain publications, but you *KNOW* those aren’t always the best places to reach the right audience targets. With SparkToro, you can research and *PROVE*, with data, which websites, podcasts, and social accounts are most followed, amplified, and engaged-with by any given audience.