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Programmatic Multichannel Advertising
Location-based CTV, Desktop, DOOH & Mobile
Benefits of partnering with Splicky

Our technology makes it simple to buy ad impressions on Mobile, Desktop, DOOH screens, and CTVs – in real-time. By taking into account multiple targeting parameters, Splicky helps to optimize your spend, thus enabling advertisers to bid only on impressions which match their targeting requirements using programmatic buying techniques.

Customer Journey

Accompany the user through their day – Splicky offers the opportunity to reach the user in various life situations and thereby improves the reach, contact frequency and efficiency of campaigns.

Drive to store

Drive to Store or Footfall Measurement serves to report visitor flows to the point of sale or point of interest. In such a measurement, the comparison is made between the visits to a location during a zero measurement (visits to a location without any marketing activity) and the visits achieved during a live campaign. In the context of Programmatic Advertising this gives the agency or advertiser the opportunity to optimize their own Programmatic campaigns in Splicky based on the insights gained. Splicky works in the respective markets with adsquare or national data partners such as the Swiss TX Group.


To reach the goals of performance advertising campaigns or branding campaigns, Splicky provides access to global inventory across several media channels, such as Mobile, Desktop, Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) and Connected TV (CTV).

Splicky is an active member of the digital economy

We are actively involved in a number of national and international associations. We consider this involvement as our responsibility for the industry and the interests of our customers and partners.