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How streamchartz® works
Gather content

streamchartz® compiles content from social networks that has been previously defined via hashtags and profiles in a social stream.

Filter spam

The reliable streamchartz® anti-spam shield only allows spam-free social media content onto your social feed.

Social wall output

Website, mega screen, digital advertising surface or in-store screen: Your social stream can be displayed on any screen and in any screen context.

Use special features

Use the Design Editor to customise your social wall according to your corporate design, define topics via the topical search function, place banners etc.

What is a social wall?

A social wall gathers content from social networks via pre-defined hashtags and profiles. It displays the posts in a well-organised, chronological live social stream on websites, event and TV screens as well as digital and interactive advertising surfaces. In order to filter only relevant posts from the wealth of social media content, a sophisticated technology is needed. Due to its innovative anti-spam shield, streamchartz® allows only spam-free social content onto your social wall. Using the Design Editor, custom banners, topical search function and interfaces to e-commerce systems, streamchartz® can be fully customised.