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Why Supadu?

Supadu, leading provider of  web design, eCommerce and data solutions for Trade Publishers, University Presses, Journals & Educational Publishers.

6 out of 10 leading publishers use Supadu!

Our cost effective website solutions thrive on insight, smart creative thinking and innovative technical execution.  Whether you’re showcasing 100 titles or you’re an enterprise customer with a complex data set – we can help.

Publishing industry experts

15 years providing publisher solutions. We understand the tools and services a publisher needs, from metadata driven websites to improved workflow.

Saves time and money

Our solutions are faster to market & dramatically lowers cost. You don’t need to create a custom platform to achieve a custom solution!

Improved digital reach & ROI

Enabling customers to find what they’re looking for will help to increase conversions and increase ROI.

Platform agnostic

Supadu can integrate with any 3rd Party system; including fulfilment, distribution, and eCommerce platforms, CMS’s, API’s and microservice providers

Complex data sets – no problem!

Enterprise customers with complex data – including HarperCollins & Macmillan – use us for custom flexibility and functionality


Our solutions are used in 27 different languages in 20 different countries.