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SMS Marketing Software
Built for marketers, no coding required
Tatango Software Platform

Mass text message marketing software for marketers, no coding required.

Messaging Workflows

Create virtually any type of text messaging workflow with no coding skills needed.

Subscriber Segmenting

Send the right text messages to the right customers, every time.

Subscriber Analytics

Responsive graphing tools allow you to visualize and track real-time subscriber trends.

Messaging Analytics

Quickly and easily see how successful each text message was with messaging analytics.

Messaging Channels

The following mass messaging channels are available on the Tatango platform

SMS Messaging

SMS messages can contain up to 160 alphanumeric characters.

MMS Messaging

Send up to 5,000 characters and also images, videos and animated images.

RCS Messaging

An alternative for SMS and more closely matches the features in iMessage.