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Deliver Online Ads. Measure Real World Results.

Discover how Teemo performance marketing can drive visits to your store locations.

Teemo is a performance marketing platform built for brands with brick-and-mortar locations.

Target the most valuable prospects for your business, and get them into your retail locations.

Optimize campaign performance in real time and learn more about your customers.

About Teemo

Teemo is the Drive-to-Store marketing platform that is revolutionizing retail advertising.

We combine a deep understanding of offline consumer behaviour and algorithmic learning to produce measurable, highly accountable in-store visits.
More than 100 customers in the Retail, QSR, Automotive and Grocery industries have chosen us to meet their number one strategic marketing challenge: get more consumers into their stores.

How does our solution work?

Teemo collects geolocation data through direct mobile app partnerships.
We identify and target audiences based on their location history. Our algorithms identify the most valuable consumers and we display mobile ads to them on behalf of retailers. These ads are drive in-store traffic and we only charge when that consumer enters their store.