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Knowing how to leverage data is a necessity today.

The majority of the Top 10 free-to-play games use Tenjin products and services for user acquisition and monetization.

Install Attribution is FREE in Tenjin

We believe that install attribution is something that you should not pay for. That is why we don’t charge for any paid installs that are tracked through Tenjin.

Ad Revenue Tracking is a necesity today

On a free package you get Tenjin dashboard with embeded cohorted Ad revenue LTV. Use our estimation when you start and transit to our advanced impression and user level ad revenue models once you scale .

Free Cost aggregation

Our free dashboard allows you to set up an integation with more then 300 + advertising partners in a few clicks. With attribution, cost and revenue data in one place you can start making data driven decisions.

Grow your app performance by using Tenjin free features

You will be assigned with a personal customer success manager who will guide you through the best practices of Tenjin data analysis.

Tenjin helps with automating your workflows

Tenjin is looking for developers who want to take the next steps into automation.

Unlock DataVault use cases that were previously available only for selected Enterprise publishers

DataVault is a data warehouse that contains all of your app data on user level. We teach our customers how to leverage this data to their advantage.