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Built for a hybrid multi-cloud reality, Vantage solves the world’s most complex data challenges at scale.

Vantage Analyst
An easy-to-use tool for self-service data loading, discovery, machine learning, and advanced analytics without coding.

Vantage CX
Software that delivers autonomy, visibility, and insights to keep pace with changing customer demand.

As a data and analytics leader, Teradata will only collect, use, and track your personal data on our web properties when we have your permission. We want you to fully understand and have complete control over how your personal data is used by Teradata.

Benefits of Sharing Your Data with Us
Your personal data allows us to create a better online experience for you because it lets us tailor digital content to fit your needs and interests—Which products do you use? Which industry are you in? Learning these things helps us provide you with the most useful information.

What Choices Do I Have?
Your privacy is important to us, and your personal information is always handled in accordance with the Teradata Global Privacy Policy, which also explains our use of cookies and other technical means to optimize your site experience. By selecting one of the options below, you control your experience with Teradata web properties and acknowledge our tracking of your online behavior.

Personalize My Online Experience
You want a website that makes your life easier and content that is specific to your needs. Our goal is to deliver that. Your data allows our systems to remember what’s important to you, so we can deliver content you want most, and save you time, effort, and frustration (we’re nothing if not considerate). And, it can’t be said enough: your privacy is important to us.

Don’t Personalize My Online Experience
If you’re content to have a less dynamic, non-personalized online experience with us, you can do it. Our Global Privacy Policy still applies, but because we don’t use your information to personalize your experience on our web properties, you might spend more time looking for what you need.

What If I Change My Mind?
If you want to personalize your privacy settings in the future, click the “Tracking Consent” option in the footer.