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Video & Interactive Mobile Advertising

Dramatically increase campaign performance & delight people with visually stunning, highly effective mobile ads made for the app age.

Six Reasons Why TreSensa
Video & Interactive In-App Advertising Works

4.2 Hours / Day Time Spent on Mobile

90% of Time Spent on Mobile is In-App

2B+ Global Reach; People not Pixels

2.5x Avg. Lift in Sales vs. Nielsen Benchmark

3x Avg. Lift in Lifetime Value

4x Reduction in Cost vs. Video Only

Built for the mobile age specifically the app era – TreSensa’s unique approach & app-first ad tech power hand’s on engagement & activation.

Design Tech

Creative Builder + video, interactive & playable ad creation, dynamic creative optimization plus packaging for delivery to every major mobile in-app channel & platform.

Distribution Tech

Global programmatic in-app distribution that can reach billions of unique users across millions of apps – at scale.

Optimization Tech

AI-optimize creative elements, interactivity, game play & targeting along with hands-on optimization strategies from in-app experts.

Data Tech

Build audiences, segment, target & re-market on or off the TreSensa platform with First party ADIDs & declared data collection & warehousing.