Get more insight from Twitter
Twemex is a browser extension for Twitter that automatically surfaces the most interesting ideas.

It helps you spend less time mindlessly scrolling, and more time developing your thoughts.

Install on
Other browsers
Free while in beta, paid subscription after v1.0
If you aren’t using @TwemexApp, you’re using the “flip phone” version of Twitter.

— @julianweisser
See the big picture
Twemex replaces the distracting Twitter sidebar and surfaces insightful tweets, in context:

See a user’s most popular tweets of all time. See someone’s best ideas, not the random thoughts they happened to post today.
On This Day
See tweets from this date in prior years. Get re-inspired by ideas from yourself and others.
Our Conversations
When you’re on a Twitter friend’s profile, revisit the past tweets you’ve sent to each other.
Recent Hits
See recent popular tweets from your timeline that you might have missed.

Finally find that tweet
Twemex replaces the stock search bar with a power UI, with convenient shortcuts and instant results as you type.

Shortcut commands
Commands to efficiently find what you’re looking for, including:
/me: Search your own tweets
/user: Search tweets from the user you’re currently viewing
/follows: Search tweets from people you follow
Powerful search sidebar
No more opening a new tab just to search. Twemex lets you search directly in the sidebar, so you can search as you compose a tweet or browse the feed.
Instant results as you type
Keyboard shortcut to start a search (Cmd+/)
One click to copy URL of a tweet
Autocomplete usernames in from: search
Search Likes and BookmarksCOMING SOON
Search your liked and bookmarked tweets. Start getting value from the archives of ideas you’ve personally curated.