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Deliver the perfect app experience
UXCam captures every micro interaction on your app,
allowing you to replay, analyze and optimize the User Experience.

Stop guessing about your User Experience

See Through your Users’ Eyes
See how users experience your app with Session Replay.

Get a 360° View of your Users
Automatically uncover user frustrations.

Understand your Users’ Intent
See where users tap, when they get frustrated and more with Rage and Click Heatmaps.

Get Visual Context for your Existing Tools
Get the most out of your crash reporting & support tools by pairing them with UXCam.

Completely Secure
Our GDPR compliant architecture is accompanied by ironclad security that keeps your data safe. We automatically block sensitive fields and provide you with tools to exclude any fields.

Fast Performance
Fast Performance
UXCam’s lightweight SDK ensures that apps stay fast. Video recordings are done on a background thread to maintain app responsiveness. Data will be uploaded when the app goes into the background.