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Digital Analytics
Webtrends provides the data you need to measure adoption, user engagement, and usage of Microsoft 365 and custom apps.

Drive Adoption
Get user-specific adoption metrics and reporting to ensure your users are utilizing your platforms and to develop engagement strategies to improve overall adoption.

Measure Engagement
Capture data on engagement with your platform and content down to specific user, location, division, and other profile data in order to develop sustained engagement strategies.

Content Insights
Ensure content is being viewed, stays relevant, and easy to locate through insights into usage and engagement.

Actionable Insights
Through standard and customized reporting, easily understand and gain actionable insights into your organization or export your data into our multiple formats including XML, Excel and Power BI.

Core Features
Customizable Dashboards
Unlimited number of custom dashboards
Trended view of key metrics
Add reports via drag and drop
Standard & Custom Reports
Dozens of out-of-the-box reports
Unlimited number of custom reports
Reports designed specifically for Microsoft 365
Data Flexibility
View data in our UI with customizable reports
Export data into your own tools like Power BI
Schedule exports into standard formats like CSV and PDF
Measure Anything, Anywhere
Standard measures included for Web Apps and Microsoft 365
Flexible and customizable tracking for your environment
Available in On Premises or SaaS
Security & Privacy
End-to-end encryption
Single sign-on
Privacy ready (GDPR and CCPA)

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