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Lightning Fast Internet At A Revolutionary Price.
WeLink Is The Solution.

Most home internet providers are a huge hassle! You’re paying all this money for a connection — shouldn’t it work when you need it?

Slow Internet Speeds

The speed you’re getting doesn’t match what was advertised… (and what you’re paying for!)

Too Much Money

Doesn’t it seem like you pay a lot for what you get? Don’t even get us started on all the hidden fees and extras.

It Just Doesn’t Work

It seems like your connection works great when you are right by the router, but why can’t you stream a movie in your bedroom?

Together, We Can Build A Better Internet.

WeLink was created as a way to take access to high-speed internet back into our hands and control as customers. Our neighborhood networks provide lightning-fast high-speed internet access, with affordability and fantastic customer service to match.

Experience the difference with our Wireless Fiber service.