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Technology to build brands in a mobile world
Why Widespace?

Widespace is a technology company creating tools to build brands in a mobile world. Using the power of data and insights, our platform drives interest and awareness for advertisers at scale, always in brand safe environments.

Engage with Formats

Ads seamlessly integrated within publisher content, driving higher engagement and view time.

Results Optimisation

Set your own KPI on a campaign level in order to ensure performance.

Find Your Audience

Machine learning predicting the best, most relevant ads for every unique user.

Protect Your Brand

We guarantee that all ads you pay for are served to a human being and in a brand safe environment.


Summit is a full-stack programmatic ad platform and marketplace designed specifically to deliver branding campaigns on mobile.

Ads that Captivate

Programmatic-friendly, innovative and highly effective ad formats allow you to easily create unforgettable brand experiences.

Native for Mobile Solutions

Built for mobile, by a mobile 1st company. Utilise the device’s built-in features and capabilities for a captivating, mobile web and in-app experience.

Video 1st

Reach customers with the most captivating formats, all programmatic-compliant. Built for brand storytelling and engaging experiences.

Amazing Brand Results

A unique combination of viewabilty and delivery means higher view times, interaction rates and brand recall.